Volume 27 (3-4)
Winter 1988 (1989)
COVER:Collage of scanning electron micrographs of developing wing cross section of Precis coenia by Dohrmann and Nijhout, pages 151-159



Date of publication: December 10, 1989

Development of the Wing Margin in Precis coenia (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae) C. F. Dohrmann and H. F. Nijhout PDF
The Morpho-Species Concept of Euphyes dion with the Description of a New Species (Hesperiidae) John A. Shuey PDF
The Euphilotes battoides complex: recognition of a species and description of a new subspecies Rudolf H. T. Mattoni PDF
Genetic experiments with a calverleyi-like mutation isolated from Papilio bairdi oregonius (Papilionidae) David V. McCorkle and Paul C. Hammond PDF
The Life History of Automeris zephyria (Saturniidae) Paul M. Tuskes and Michael J. Smith PDF
Three new species of Paradirphia (Saturniidae: Hemileucinae) from Mexico and Central America with notes on the immature stages Claude Lemaire and Kirby L. Wolfe PDF
A list of the Butterflies and Skippers of Mount Revelstoke and Glacier National Parks, British Columbia, Canada (Lepidoptera) David L. Threatful PDF
Hybridization of the Mexican tiger swallowtail, Papilio alexiares garcia (Lepidoptera:L Papilionidae) with other P. glaucus group species and survival of pure and hybrid larvae on potential host plants J. Mark Scriber, Mark H. Evans, and Robert C. Lederhouse PDF
The Butterflies of Isla de Cedros, Baja California Norte, Mexico John W. Brown and David K. Faulkner PDF
Opinion: Parallelism and Phylogenetic Trees James A. Scott PDF
Notes   PDF
Book reviews   PDF
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