Volume 27 (2)
Summer 1988 (1989)
COVER:Pachytene chromosomes of Brahmaea japonica, see Trentini and Marini, pages 136-138.



Date of publication: July 15, 1989

A Study of Protesilaus microdamas Burmeister and teh Little-known P. dospassosi Rütimeyer and P. huanucana Varea de Luque (Papilionidae) Kurt Johnson, David Matusik, and Rick Rozycki PDF
Hand-pairing of Papilio glaucus glaucus and Papilio pilumnus (Papilionidae) and hybrid survival on various food plants J. Mark Scriber and Robert C. Lederhouse PDF
New Host Records and Morphological Notes on Four Torticines (Tortricidae) Sherri Sandberg and Steven Passoa PDF
Notes on the biology of three Riodinine species: Nymphidium lisimon attenuatum, Phaenochitonia sagaris satnius, and Metacharis ptolomaeus (Lycaenidae: Riodininae) Curtis J. Callaghan PDF
Portable apparatus for photographing genitalic dissections Tim L. McCabe PDF
Census of the Butterflies of the National Audubon Society's Appleton-Whittell Research Ranch, Elgin, Arizona Richard A. Bailowitz PDF
Notes on a little known ecologically displaced blue, Agriades pyrenaicus ergane Higgins (Lycaenidae) I. G. Pljushtch PDF
Notes   PDF
Book reviews   PDF
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