Volume 25 (3)
Autumn 1986 (1987)
COVER: Scanning electron micrograph of cremastral hooks of pupa of Asterocampa leilia (Edwards) from Texas, U.S.A. by Timothy P. Friedlander. See J. Res. Lepid 25(4).



Date of publication: July 8, 1987

Distribution and Abundance of Butterflies in the Urbanization Zones of Porto Alegre, Brazil Alexandre Ruszczyx PDF
The Effect of Temperature on Expression of the Dark Phenotype in Female Papilio glaucus (Papilionidae) David B. Ritland PDF
Chromatic Polymorphism in Callophrys mossii bayensis Larvae (Lycaenidae): Spectral Characterization, Short-term Color Shifts, and Natural Morph Frequencies Larry Orsack and Douglas W. Whitman PDF
Opinion: Comments on Clench's Temporal Sequencing of Hesperiid Communities John A. Shuey PDF
Opinion: The Trouble with Butterflies Raymond R. White PDF
Opinion: A response to Landing: On Factors in the Distribution of Butterfly Color and Behavior Dennis D. Murphy PDF
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