Volume 25 (2)
Summer 1986 (1987)
COVER: Reproduction of watercolor by Gordon Pratt of last (4th) instar larva, pupa, and adult of Euphilotes enoptes mojave



Date of publication: May 21, 1987

A New Species of Calisto from Hispaniola with a Review of the Female Genitalia of Hispaniolan Congeners (Satyridae) Kurt Johnson, Eric Quinter, and David Matusik PDF
Records of Prolonged Diapause in Lepidoptera Jerry A. Powell PDF
An exceptional case of paternal transmission of the dark form female trait in the tiger swallowtail butterfly, Papilio glaucus (Lepidoptera: Papilionidae) J. Mark Scriber and Mark H. Evans PDF
The Phenetics and Comparative Biology of Euphilotes enoptes (Boisduval) (Lycaenidae) from the San Bernardino Mountains Gordon F. Pratt and Gregory R. Ballmer PDF
A New Genus and Species from the Southwestern United States (Noctuidae: Acontiinae) Richard M. Brown PDF
Observations on Problema bulenta George O. Krizek and Paul A. Opler PDF
Book reviews   PDF
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