Volume 25 (1)
Spring 1986
COVER:.Selectively bred adults of Augraulis vanillae incarnata, see Dimock and Mattoni, pages 1-14.



Date of publication: October 1, 1986

Hidden Genetic Variation in Augraulis vanillae incarnata (Nymphalidae Thomas E. Dimock and Rudolf H. T. Mattoni PDF
Electrophoretic Evidence for Speciation within the Nominal Species Anthocharis sara Lucas (Pieridae) Hansjurg Geiger and Arthur M. Shapiro PDF
Genetic Differentiation Between Subspecies of Euphydryas phaeton (Nymphalidae: Nymphalinae) A. Thomas Vawter and Janet Wright PDF
On the Monophyly of the Macrolepidoptera, Including a Reassessment of their Relationship to Cossoidea and Castnioidea, and a Reassignment of Mimallonidae to Pyraloidea James A. Scott PDF
Electrophoretic Confirmation of the Species Status of Pontia protodice and P. occidentalis (Pieridae) Arthur M. Shapiro and Hansjurg Geiger PDF
Susceptibility of Eggs and First-Instar Larvae of Callosamia promethea and Antheraea polyphemus to Malathion Thomas A. Miller, WIlliam J. Cooper, and Jerry W. Highfill PDF
Pupal Mortality in the Bay Checkerspot Butterfly (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae) Raymond R. White PDF
Chromosome Aberrations in the Holocentric Chromosomes of Philosamia ricini (Saturnidae) Kunja Bihari Padhy PDF
Opinion: Rebuttal to Murphy on Factors to the Distribution of Butterfly Color and Behavior Patterns - Selected Aspects Bejamine H. Landing PDF
Notes   PDF
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