Volume 24 (4)
Winter 1985 (1986)
COVER: Photograph of Professor Zdravko Lorkovic with figures from two of his important works, see page 334.



Date of publication: May 15, 1986

A new Squash Borer from Mexico (Lepidoptera: Sesiidae) Timothy P. Friedlander PDF
A tribute to Professor Zdravko Lorkovic   PDF
Hostplant records and natural history notes on Costa Rican butterflies (Papilionidae, Pieridae & Nymphalidae) Philip J. De Vries PDF
Enzyme electrophoresis and interspecific hybridization in Pieridae (Lepidoptera) Zdravko Lorkovic PDF
Variations in the wing venation of Pteroma plagiophleps (Lepidoptera: Psychidae) George Mathew PDF
Diversity and species richness of butterflies and skippers in Central Spain habitats José Luis Viejo Montesinos PDF
Artificial raising of lignicolous Lepidoptera M.G. De Viedma, J.R. Baragano, A. Notario, M. Rodero and C. Iglesias PDF
Book review   PDF
Notes   PDF
Obituary   PDF
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