Volume 24 (1)
Spring 1985
COVER:Fifth instar larva of Caligo memnon from a forthcoming paper by Allen Young to appear in Volume 24, Number 2.



Date of publication: September 15, 1985

Butterflies termoregulation: Organismic mechanisms and population consequences Joel G. Kingsolver PDF
Protein and lipid composition of Colias philodice and C. eurytheme spermatophores and their changes over time (Pieridae) Larry D. Marshall PDF
A butterfly-moth (Lepidoptera Castniidae) from the Oligocene Shales of Florissant, Colorado Norman B. Tindale PDF
Evidence for host plant preferences in Heliconius erato phyllis from Southern Brazil (Nymphalidae) Ymara Menna-Barreto and Aldo M. Ara├║jo PDF
A critical review of "Systematische Untersuchungen am Pieris napi-bryoniae-Komplex (s.l.)" (Lepidoptera: Pieridae) by Ulf Eitschberger Otakar Kudrna and Hansjuerg Geiger PDF
Discovery of two new species and genera of shaggy Tortricids related to Synnoma and Niasoma (Tortricidiae: Sparganothini) Jerry A. Powell PDF
Bibliography 1982-1983   PDF
Notes   PDF
Book reviews   PDF
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