Supplement 1. Proceedings of the Second Symposium on Neotropical Lepidoptera. Arequipa, Perú 1983
COVER: Logotype of the Symposium. Design adapted from an Inca ceramic dish found in Machu Picchu, Perú by Hiram Bingham, presently kept at the Peabody Museum of Natural History, Yale University, New Haven. Taken from a photograph of the original, kindly supplied by Prof. Charles L. Remington. Preparated by Matilde Méndez and Gerardo Lamas.



Date of publication: October, 1985

Introduction, preface and table of contents   PDF
Primitive (non-ditrysian) Lepidoptera of the Andes: diversity, distribution, biology and phylogenetic relationships Ebbe S. Nielsen PDF
The state of our knowledge of the Neotropical Sterrhinae (Geometridae) Charles V. Covell, Jr. PDF
The genetics of polyphenism and its role in phylogenetic interpretation of the Tatochila sterodice Species-Group (Pieridae) in the Andean - Neantartic Region Arthur M. Shapiro PDF
Speciation in the Pronophiline butterflies (Satyridae) of the Northern Andes Michael J. Adams PDF
Notes on the zoogeographic distribution of butterflies of the subfamily Riodininae in Colombia Curtis J. Callaghan PDF
Distribution patterns in the Andean genus Perisama Doubleday (Nymphalidae) Henry Descimon PDF
Ecology and biogeography of butterflies from the Himalaya M.S. Mani PDF
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