Volume 23 (2)
Summer 1984
COVER: Euphydryas editha in copula (Almont Summit, Gunnison Co., Colorado). Worn male above and teneral female below. See Ehrlich & Wheye, page 143.



Date of publication: December 31, 1984

Colia alexandra: A model for study of natural population of butterflies Jane Leslie Hayes PDF
Sexual selection and the evolution of butterfly mating behavior Ronald L. Rutowski PDF
Some observations on spatial distribution in a montane population of Euphydryas editha Paul R. Ehrlich and Darryl Wheye PDF
Inheritance and frequency of a color polymorphism in Danaus plexippus (Lepidoptera: Danaidae) on Ohau, Hawaii John Stimson and Linda Meyers PDF
A new species of Narraga Walker (Geometridae, Ennominae) from Georgia, with biological notes (Lepidoptera: Copromorphidae) Charles V. Covell, Jr., Irving L. Finkelstein and Abner A. Towers PDF
Book reviews   PDF
Notes   PDF
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