Volume 23 (1)
Spring 1984
COVER:Head morphology (profile) of Ellabella editha Busck. See J. B. Heppner article, page 50.


Date of publication: June 15, 1984

Announcement   PDF
Interactions of parasitoids and checkerspot caterpillars Euphydryas spp. (Nymphalidae) Nancy E. Stamp PDF
A butterfly taxonomy Dennis D. Murphy and Paul R. Ehrlich PDF
An annotated catalogue of the skippers (Lepidoptera: Hesperiidae) named by Roger Verity Otakar Kudrna and Emilio Balletto PDF
Revision of the Oriental and Nearctic genus Ellabella (Lepidoptera: Copromorphidae) J.B. Heppner PDF
On the taxonomic position of Ellabella Busck, with descriptions of the larva and pupa of E. bayensis (Lepidoptera: Copromorphidae) John A. De Benedictis PDF
A new subspecies of Lycaena editha (Mead) (Lycaenidae) from Nevada George T. Austin PDF
Opinion: Rebuttal to Murphy and Ehrlich on common names of butterflies Robert Michael Pyle PDF
Opinion: Patronyms in Rhopaloceran nomenclature Thomas E. Dimock PDF
Notes   PDF
Book reviews   PDF
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