Volume 21 (4)
Winter 1982 (1983)
COVER: Integument sculpturing, 3rd instar larvae of Lycaena epixanthe. Scanning electron micrograph by David M. Wright from a forthcoming paper in Volume 22, Number 1.



Date of publication: October 15, 1983

Announcement   PDF
Taxonomic uncertainty, the biological species concept, and the Nearctic butterflies: a reappraisal after twenty years Arthur M. Shapiro PDF
Butterflies and biospecies Paul R. Ehrlich and Dennis D. Murphy PDF
The biological species concept and the aims of taxonomy Rienk de Jong PDF
Chromosomes of seven species of Indian Sphingid moths P.K. Mohanty and B. Nayak PDF
A new species of Mitoura Scudder from Southern California (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae) John W. Brown PDF
Commentary on Miller and Brown vs. Ehrlich and Murphy et al.: Pluralism in systematics and the worldwide nature of kinship groups Kurt Johnson and Eric L. Quinter PDF
Notes   PDF
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