Volume 21 (3)
Autumn 1982 (1983)
COVER: Theme poster for the 1980 Congress of the Society of European Lepidoptera. graphic symbol by Runo, Landessammlungen fur Naturkunde, Karlsruhe.



Date of publication: October 15, 1983

Plebeian courtship revisited: Studies on the female-produced male behavior-eliciting signals in Lycaeides idas courtship (Lycaenidae) Olle Pellmyr PDF
Parallel albinism in two Theclines (Lycaenidae) Richard Holland PDF
A study of isolating mechanisms among Noetropical butterflies of the subfamily Riodininae Curtis J. Callaghan PDF
Mate-locating behavior of Western North American butterflies. II. New observations and morphological adaptations James A. Scott PDF
Polymorphism in Satyrium calanus (Huebner) from Wyoming and Colorado (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae: Theclinae) Clifford D. Ferris PDF
On the status of Euphydryas editha baroni with a range extension of E. editha luestherae Dennis D. Murphy PDF
A melanic male abberations of Papilio glaucus canadensis from Nothern Wisconsin J. Mark Scriber and Greg Lintereur PDF
Notes   PDF
Book review   PDF
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