Volume 20 (4)
Winter 1981 (1983)
COVER: Scanning electron micrograph of Australian E. postica eggshell on nylon mesh (x42) by Barry Filshie. See J. Powell article, page 217, this issue.



Date of publication: April 15, 1983

Butterfly taxonomy: A reply Lee D. Miller and F. Martin Brown PDF
Nomenclature, taxonomy and evolution Paul R. Ehrlich and Dennis D. Murphy PDF
Editorial note   PDF
Acknowledgement   PDF
Notes on the life history and Baja California distribution of Chlorostrymon simaethis sarita (Skinner) (Lepidoptera:Lycaenidae) John W. Brown PDF
Biology and immature stages of Australian Ethmiid moths (Gelechioidea) Jerry A. Powell PDF
Field study of Phyciodes batesii (Reakirt) and P. tharos (Drury) from a site in the Black Hills, South Dacota (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae: Melitaeinae) Clifford D. Ferris PDF
Notes   PDF
Two new California Catocala subspecies (Noctuidae) John W. Johnson PDF
Notes   PDF
Book review   PDF
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