Volume 20 (3)
Autumn 1981 (1983)
COVER: Artisti's rendition of courtship behavior in the dainty sulfur, Nathalis iole. Figure was drawn from a 35 mm photograph by Patricia Rutowski. See page 33, R. Rutowski.



Date of publication: April 15, 1983

Role of an ornamental plant species in extending the breeding range of a tropical skipper to subtropical Southern Texas (Hesperiidae) Raymond W. Neck PDF
Japanese literature Ichiro Nakamura PDF
Hipparchia azorina (Strecker, 1899) (Satyridae) Biology, ecology and distribution on the Azores Islands Steffen Oehmig PDF
Courtship behavior of the Dainty Sulfur Butterfly, Nathalis iole with a description of a new, faculative male display (Pieridae) Ronald L. Rutowski PDF
On the supernumerary chromosomes of Tarache tropica Guen. (Lepidoptera: Noctuidea) P.K. Mohanty and B. Nayak PDF
An apparent interspecific F1 hybrid Speyeria (Nymphalidae) James A. Scott PDF
A new record of Vanessa virginiensis "ab. ahwashtee" from Northern California (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae) Arthur M. Shapiro PDF
The colonization of Violets and Speyeria butterflies on the ash-pumice fields deposited by cascadian Volcanoes Paul C. Hammond PDF
Book review   PDF
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