Volume 20 (2)
Summer 1981 (1982)
COVER:The Marsyandi River Valley of Manang, Nepal. See O. Shields' article, page 71, this issue.



Date of publication: September 20, 1982

International Nepal Himalaya Expedition for Lepidoptera Palaerctica (INHELP) 1977, Report No. 1: Introduction and Lycaenidae Oakley Shiedls PDF
Integradation between Callophrys dumetorum oregonensis and Callophrys dumetorum affinis in Northwestern U.S. (Lycaenidae) James A. Scott and John A. Justice PDF
Chromosome studies in sixteen species of Indian Pyralid moths (Pyralidae) P.K. Mohanty and B. Nayak PDF
The biological and systematic significance of red fecal and meconial pigments in butterflies: A reviews with special reference to the Pieridae Arthur M. Shapiro PDF
On the nomenclature of Colias alfacariensis Berger 1948 (Lepidoptera: Pieridae) Otakar Kudrna PDF
Some little-known U.S. publications on Lepidoptera I. Cyril F. dos Passos PDF
Errata   PDF
A new species of Adelpha (Nymphalidae) from Parque Nacional Braulio Carrillo, Costa Rica Philip J. DeVries and Isidro Chacon Gamboa PDF
Japanese literature   PDF
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