Volume 20 (1)
Spring 1981 (1982)
COVER: Speyeria nokomis pupa from Chihuahua State, Mexico. See Scott & Mattoon article, page 13, this issue.



Date of publication: September 20, 1982

Butterfly nomenclature: A critique Paul R. Ehrlich and Dennis D. Murphy PDF
Early stages of Speyeria nokomis (Nymphalidae) James A. Scott and Sterling O. Mattoon PDF
Supernumerary chromosomes in the domesticated Eri-Silkmoth Philosamia ricini (Saturnidae: Lepidoptera) K.B. Padhy and B. Nayak PDF
Geographic variation and ecology of Hesperia leonardus (Hesperiidae) James A. Scott and Ray E. Stanford PDF
Notes on the immature biology of two myrmecophilous Lycainidae: Juditha molpe (Rionidae) and Panthiades bitias (Lycaeninae) Curtis J. Callaghan PDF
Immature stages of Odonna passiflorae (Lepidoptera: Oecophoridae): biology and morphology Patricia Chacón and Marta de Hernandez PDF
A new genus and two new species of Oecophoridae from Columbia (Lepidoptera) J.F.Gates Clarke PDF
Notes   PDF
Book reviews   PDF
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