Volume 19 (2)
Summer 1980 (1981)
COVER: Pen and ink rendering of C. securifera (female) X C. promethea (male) by Robin Jarrett of Los Angeles, CA. See R. Peigler article, page 72.



Date of publication: September 7, 1981

Nantucket Pine Tip Moth, Rhyacionia frustrana in Kern County, California: Integrated control and biological notes (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae, Olethreutinae) Dennis M. Poore PDF
Moths of North Americe, North of Mexico, Supplemental literature 1 J.C.E. Riotte PDF
Acknowledgement   PDF
Demostration of reproductive isolating mechanisms in Callosamia (Saturniidae) by artificial hybridization Richard S. Peigler PDF
Canalization of the phenotype of Nymphalis antiopa (Lepidoptera: Nyphalidae) from Subarctic and montane climates Arthur M. Shapiro PDF
Aberrant New Mexican butterflies Richard Holland PDF
Diapause in various populations of Pieris napi L. from different parts of the British Isles E. Lees and D.M. Archer PDF
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