Volume 18 (4)
Winter 1979 (1981)
COVER: Danaus plexippus, third instar larva, feeding on Prestonia. Young, pages 251-254.



Date of publication: April 24, 1981

Rearing butterflies on artificial diets A.C.Morton PDF
Taxonomic and biological notes on Bellura gortynoides Walker (Noctuidea) Roger L. Heitzman and Dale H. Habeck PDF
A new species of Automeris cecrops (Attacidae: Hemileucinae) Claude LeMaire PDF
Gynaephora rossii (Curtis) on Mt. Katahdin, Maine, and Mt. Daisetsu, Japan, and comparisons to records for populations from the Arctic (Lymantriidae) Paul W. Schaefer and Paul J. Castrovillo PDF
On the evolutionary distances between Asclepiadaceous-feeding Danaida and Apocynaceous-feeding Ithomiids Allen M. Young PDF
An aberrant Oregon Swallowtail Papilio oregonius Edwards from Oregon Richard L. Wescott PDF
The Scolitantidini II. The world's smallest butterfly? Notes on Turanana, and a new genus and species from Afganistan (Lycaenidae) R.H.T. Mattoni PDF
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