Volume 17 (4)
Winter 1978 (1980)
COVER: Uraba lugens, last instar larva showing retention of head capsules of all prior instars. McFarland, pages 209-217.



Date of publication: 1980

Retention of cast head capsules by some nolid immatures in four Old World countries Noel McFarland PDF
The depredations of the Large White Butterfly (Pieris brassicae) (Pieridae) John Feltwell PDF
Notes on the first-instar and two parasites of the Clower cutworm Scotogramma trifolii (Noctuidae; Hadeninae) Candido Santiago-Alvarez and Brian A. Federici PDF
Similarities and differences in forewing shape of six California Catocala species (Noctuidae) John W. Johnson and Erich Walter PDF
Asynaptic meiosis in three species of Lepidopteran males B. Nayak PDF
A survey of valvae of Euphydryas chalcedona, E. c. colon, and E. c. anicia James A. Scott PDF
Notes on Maryland Lepidoptera No. 7, No. 8, and No. 9 Robert S. Simmons and William A. Andersen PDF
Review J.C.E. Riotte PDF
Response to J.C.E. Riotte's review of the Lymantriid fascicle Douglas C. Ferguson PDF
Announcement F.A. Urquhart and N.R. Urquhart PDF
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