Volume 17 (3)
Autumn 1978 (1980)
COVER; Lycaena heteronea clara female necturing on Eriogonum fasiculatum.



Date of publication: 1980

Editorial   PDF
Observations on the apparent lek behavior in Costa Rican rainforest Perrhybris pyrrha Cramer (Pieridae) Philip J. DeVries PDF
Male genitalic illustrations and notes on the Larentiinae (Geometridae) of Missouri Roger L. Heizman and Wilbur R. Enns PDF
Observations on Phoebis sennae (Pieridae) John Brown PDF
A study of the meiotic chromosomes of Ixias marianne (Cramer) (Pieridae) N. Nageswara Rao PDF
The larva of Acronicta spinigera Guenee (Noctuidae) Timothy L. McCabe PDF
Digestive enzymes of a suragcane borer, Chilotraea infuscatellus Snell Anil K. Agarwal PDF
Ecological notes on the butterfies of the Churchill region of Northern Manitoba Daniel P. Oosting and David K. Parshall PDF
Habitat: Lycaena hataronea clara (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae) Larry J. Orsak and Scott E. Miller PDF
Book reviews Scott E. Miller and Ashley C. Morton PDF
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