Volume 17 (1)
March 1978 (October 1979)



Date of publication: October 1979

Weather and the lability of breeding populations of the checkered white butterfly Pieris protodice Boisduval and Le Conte Arthur M. Shapiro PDF
Gynandromorphs in Hawaiian butterflies and moths J.C.E. Riotte PDF
The nomenclature in an important British checklist (1972). Part 4: Correct gender for some other generic names. Juraj Paclt PDF
Biochemical studies of the larval hosts of two species of Lycaena Fabricius (Lycaendia) Clifford D. Ferris PDF
Butterflies of the Hawaiian Islands according to the stand of late 1976 J.C.E. Riotte and G. Uchida PDF
The identity of the Rocky Mountains Lycaena dorcas-helloides complex James A. Scott PDF
On the meiotic chromosomes of Argina syringa Cram (Arctiidae) N. Nageswara Rao and G. Vijaya Lakshmi PDF
Another Anthocaris lanceolata x A. sara hybrid Oekley Shields and James R. Mori PDF
Larval foodplant records for Papilio zelicaon in the western United States and futher evidence for the conspecificity of P. zelicaon and P. gothica John F. Emmel and Oakley Shields PDF
The assumption of adaptivity in genital morphology Arthur M. Shapiro PDF
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