Volume 16 (4)
December 1977
COVER: Uraba lugens, last instar larva showing retention of head capsules of all prior instars. McFarland, pages 209-217.



Date of publication: December 1977

Photoperiod and temperature in phenotype determination of Pacific slope Pierini: biosystematic implications Arthur M. Shapiro PDF
Antennal sensilla of some Crambinae J.A. Kamm PDF
Information on availability of holotypes of the described taxons at a public institution (Rhopalocera) Dalibor Weiss PDF
Gynandromorphic Polites skippers (Hesperiidae) M.C. Nielsen PDF
Special thanks Barbara Hovanitz PDF
Studies on the excretory system of the fully grown larva of Callograma festiva Donov. (Noctuidae) U.V.K. Mohamed and Humayun Murad PDF
Rectification of a recent paper on Leucanella memusae gardineri Richard S. Peigler PDF
The Scolitantidini I: Two new genera and a generic rearrangement (Lycaenidae) Rudolf H.T. Mattoni PDF
Editorial Rudolf H.T. Mattoni PDF
The use alfa-ecdysone to break permanent diapause of female hybrids between Papilio glaucus L. female and Papilio rutulus Lucas male C.A. Clark and Axel Willing PDF
The role of intra- and interspecific male:male interactions in Polyommatus icarus Rott. and some other species of blues (Lycaenidae) Lennart Lundgren PDF
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