Volume 15 (3)
September 1976



Date of publication: September 1976

Note on the chromosomes of Byblia ilithyia (Drury) (Nymphalidae) A.S. Murty and N.N. Rao PDF
Fossil butterflies and the evolution of Lepidoptera Oakley Shields PDF
Aberrant species of New Jersey Lepidoptera Joseph Muller PDF
An area census method for estimating butterfly population numbers Per Douwes PDF
Digestive enzymes of sugarcane pink borer, Sesamia inferens Walker (Noctuidea) Anil Kumar Agarwal PDF
Records of Limenitis hybrids from Colorado Robert G. Simpson and David Pettus PDF
A rapid method for producing insect labels Phillip A. Adams PDF
Book review F. Martin Brown PDF
Some preliminary notes about the immature stages of Eacles oslari (Citheronidae) Edward V. Gage PDF
The heathii - white banding aberration in the Strymonia (Lycaenidae) Michael S. Fisher PDF
Habitat: Pieris occidentalis (Pieridae) Arthur M. Shapiro PDF
Melanic Papilio machaon larvae Brian O.C.Gardiner PDF
An ecological study of the butterflies of the Sierra de Tuxtla in Veracruz, Mexico (cont.) Gary N. Ross PDF
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