Volume 13 (4)
December 1974



Date of publication: December 1974

Toward a theory of butterfly migration Oakley Shields PDF
Atrytonopsis hianna biology and life history in the Ozarks J. Richard and Roger L. Heitzman PDF
Larval migration of Hyles lineata (Fab.) James F. Wells and Richard M. Brown PDF
New food plant for Darapsa pholus (Cramer) J.C.E. Riotte PDF
Notes on Arctic and Subarctic collecting Clifford D. Ferris PDF
Kloet and Hincks' Check list of British Lepidoptera Insects (Lepidoptera) Edn. 2. A reply to criticisms J.D. Bradley, D. S. Fletcher and P.E.S. Whalley PDF
The nomenclature in an Important British check list (1972). Part 3. Correct gender for generic names derived from classical without change of termination Juraj Paclt PDF
Artificial diet: The key to the mass rearing Megathymus larvae Ronald S. Wielgus PDF
Review: Butterflies of the world by H.L. Lewis Clifford D. Ferris PDF
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