Volume 12 (4)
December 1973



Date of publication: December 1973

Adult bahavior and population biology of two skippers mating in contrasting topographic sites James A. Scott PDF
Acceptance of artificial diet by Magathymus streckeri (Skinner) M.A. Petterson and R.S. Wielgus PDF
Some observations on the eggs of moths and certain aspects of first instar larval behavior Noel McFarland PDF
New food plant for Darapsa pholus (Cramer) J.C.E. Riotte PDF
The nomenclature in an important British check list (1972). Part I. Juraj Paclt PDF
A name for Glaucopsyche lygdamus auct., not Edwards 1862 J.W. Tilden PDF
Junonia and Precis . A correction. J.W. Tilden PDF
The flight periods of several sibling species of moths Charles L. Selman PDF
Lifespan of butterflies James A. Scott PDF
Altitudinal migration of butterflies in the central Sierra Nevada Arthur M. Shapiro PDF
Early stages and biology of Phyciodes orseis James A. Scott PDF
Book review: Annotated check list of the butterflies of Illinois by R.R. Irwin and J.C.Downey R.S. Funk PDF
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