Volume 11 (4)
December 1972 (1973)
COVER:Photo of Colias eurytheme male supplied by John H. Masters of specimen in the collection of Dr. Mance Brackney of Minneapolis, Minn.; collected in Hennepin County, Minn. Dorsal and ventral views are shown. The specimen appers to be normal except for the absence of all black pigmentation. This is the same specimen shown in J. Lepid. Soc. 22:158, 1968.



Date of publication: 1973

Latitudinal gradients in species diversity of the new world swallowtail butterflies Frank Slansky, Jr. PDF
Lack of melanism in Colias John H. Masters PDF
A population study of Euptychia hermes in northern Florida Thomas S. Kilduff PDF
Limenitis weidemeyerii angustifascia x L. astyanax arizonensis = (?) ab. doudorofii (Gunder) 1934 E. M. Perkins, Jr. and John S. Garth PDF
A new subspecies of Gonepteryx amintha (Pieridae) from Yunnan, mainland China Yuri P. Nekrutenko PDF
Reduction of abdominal scales of the Monarch butterfly imago as a result of cauterizing the Abd PPM of the pupa F. A. Urquhart PDF
Some techniques for the rearing of Megathymus larvae Ronald S. and Dale Wielgus PDF
Concerning Heliconius cydno aberration "larseni" Niepelt John H. Masters PDF
Polymorphism in two species of Alaskan Boloria C.D. Ferris PDF
A new species of Nephelodes Guenee from the Great Basin John S. Buckett PDF
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