Volume 11 (3)
September 1972



Date of publication: September 1972

Gynandromorphism in Pieris brassicae L. Brian O.C. Gardiner PDF
Two new subspecies of Euphydryas chalcedona from the Mojave desert of Southern California T.C. Emmel and J.F. Emmel PDF
Butterflies of middle and southern Baja California Richard Holland PDF
Vital staining as evidence for wing circulation in the cabbage butterfly Pieris rapae John M. Kolyer PDF
A dwarf form of Euptoieta claudia Russell A. Rahn PDF
Butterfly records for three northwest Wisconsin counties John H. Masters PDF
Variations of Parasemia parthenos A.E. Brower PDF
A search for Speyeria nokomis coerulescens (Holland) (Nymphalidae) in southern Arizona Ronald S. Wielgus PDF
A bilateral gynandromorph of Limenitis weidemeyerii latifascia (Nymphalidae) E.M. Perkins and T.F. Perkins PDF
An interfamilial courtship (Nymphalidae, Pieridae) Arthur M. Shapiro PDF
Addition to: "A checklist of Utah butterflies and skippers" Curtis J. Callaghan and Norman B. Tidwell PDF
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