Volume 6 (1)
March 1967



Date of publication: March 1967

Spring moths of a natural area in Northeastern Kansas Noel McFarland PDF
A new species of Nepticula on Bur Oak in Ontario T. N. Freeman PDF
Fixation of the type locality of Lycaena phlaeas hypophlaeas and food plant correction Oekley Shields PDF
Description of a new species of Xylomiges from California John S. Buckett PDF
The life histories of South African Colotis erone, C. ione, C. vesta and Leptosia alcesta (Pieridae) Gowan C. Clark and C. G. C. Dickson PDF
A new species of Feralia John S. Buckett PDF
Homonymy of the "new genus" Petaluma and proposal of the name Petalumaria John S. Buckett and W. R. Bauer PDF
Rearing Euleucophaeus rubridorsa and E. lex William Hovanitz PDF
The status of some Hesperiidae from Mexico H. A. Freeman PDF
The generic, specific and lower category names of the Nearctic butterflies Paddy McHenry PDF
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