Volume 5 (4)
December 1966



Date of publication: December 1966

A new species of Oncocnemis from Western United States (Noctuidae: Cuculliinae) John S. Buckett and William R. Bauer PDF
Speciation in the Agathymus (Megathymidae) H. A. Freeman PDF
The eggs and first instar larvae of three California moths John Adams Comstock PDF
An additional food plant record for Papilio thoas autocles R. & J. John Adams Comstock PDF
A new species of Polia Ochsenheimer from California and notes on Polia discalis (Grote) (Noctuidae: Hadeninae) John S. Buckett and William R. Bauer PDF
Know your author - Brian O. C. Gardiner Lee D. Miller PDF
A gynandromorph of Lycaena gorgon Paul A. Opler PDF
The distribution and bionomics of Arctic-Alpine Lycaena phlaeas subspecies in North America Oakley Shields and Johnson C. Montgomery PDF
Three western species of Polites Noel McFarland PDF
Know your author - Bryant Mather   PDF
Overcoming difficulties with the pupae of Euproserpinus phaeton mojave Noel McFarland PDF
Speyeria cybele in Mississippi. Argynninae: Argynnis Bryant Mather PDF
Eupheyes dukesi - Additional record Bryant Mather PDF
The little known moth Euxoa sculptilis (Harvay)in Arizona, with descriptions, illustrations, and notes on Euxoa violaris (Grote & Robinson) (Noctuidae: Agrotiinae) J. S. Buckett PDF
Discovery of a larvar hostplant for Annaphila lithosina with notes on the species (Noctuidae: Agrotiinae) J. S. Buckett PDF
Appendix to distribution of Lycaena phlaeas Oakley Shields and Johnson C. Montgomery PDF
Correction to "A little-recognized species of Heliconius butterfly" John R. G. Turner PDF
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