Volume 4 (4)
December 1965



Date of publication: December 1965

A population study of a hibernal roosting colony of the monarch butterfly D. plexippus in Northern California F. A. Urquhart, P. Beard and R. Brownlee PDF
The little known species Luperina venosa J. S. Buckett and L. P. Lounibos PDF
Callophrys (Mitoura) spinetorum and C. (M.) johnsoni: their known range, habitats, variation and history Oakley Shields PDF
Know your author - Richard M. Fox   PDF
Know your author - Erval J. Newcomer   PDF
The life histories of two species of South African Eurema Gowan C. Clark and C. G. C. Dickson PDF
A review of West Indian "Choranthus" Lee D. Miller PDF
A new species of Basilodes from the Southwestern United States (Noctuidade) Charles L. Hogue PDF
Rediscovery and redescription of the moth Lithophane vanduzeei (Barnes) John S. Buckett and Ronald H. Leuschner PDF
The rearing of Dirphiopsis eumedida (Saturnidae) Brian O. C. Gardiner PDF
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