Volume 4 (3)
September 1965



Date of publication: September 1965

Tertiary Nymphalid butterflies and some phylogenetic aspects of systematic lepidopterology Y. P. Nekrutenko PDF
The feeding of coloring matters to Pieris rapae larvae John M. Koyler PDF
Systematics and life history of Saturnia (Calosaturnia) albofasciata in California (Saturniidae) Charles L. Hogue, Frank P. Sala, Noel McFarland and Christopher Henne PDF
The Noctuid moth Annaphila baueri with notes on its habitats John S. Buckett PDF
Notices   PDF
California coastal Eupithecias with description of a new species (Geometridae) Ronald H. Leuschner PDF
The Lepidoptera Foundation   PDF
A reevaluation of Annaphila casta (Noctuidae) J. S. Buckett PDF
The generic, specific and lower category names of the Nearctic butterflies. Part 4 - the genus Euptoieta Paddy Mc Henry PDF
Dates of publication   PDF
New Canadian species of leaf-mining Lepidoptera of conifers T. N. Freeman PDF
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