Volume 3 (1)
March 1964



Date of publication: March 1964

The effects of ph on the distribution of the Megathymidae H. A. Freeman PDF
Decapitation-initiated oviposition in Crambid moths C. S. Crawford PDF
Book review - Fox and Fox: Introduction to comparative entomology   PDF
Life history studies on Mexican butterflies I Gary N. Ross PDF
Book review- Dos Passos: Synonymic list of Nearctic Rhopalocera   PDF
Melanic tendencies in Phalaenid and Geometrid moths in Eastern Pennsylvania A. M. Shapiro PDF
The genus Lycaeides in the Pacific Northwest J. H. Shepard PDF
The origin of a sympatryc species in Colias through the aid of natural hybridization W. Hovanitz PDF
The southern limits of the range of Pieris napi and Pieris virginiensis B. Mather PDF
Life history of Papilio indra and P. oregonius E. J. Newcomer PDF
Hybrids between Papilio memnon and Papilio protenor S. A. Ae PDF
New gynandromorph of Colias philodice from Colorado T. C. Emmel PDF
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