Volume 1 (3)
March 1963



Date of publication: March 1963

Selection of allyl isothiocyanate by larvae of Pieris rapae and the inheritance of this trait William Hovanitz and Vincent C. S. Chang PDF
Biology of the Caenothus stem-gall moth, Periploca ceanothiella (Cosens), with consideration of its control J. Alex Munro PDF
Larval food-plant records for six western papilios John F. Emmel and Thomas C. Emmel PDF
Colias philodice in Chiapas, Mexico Thomas C. Emmel PDF
Notes on the early stages of two California geometrids John Adams Comstock PDF
Geographical distribution and variation of the genus Argynnis. III. Argynnis diana William Hovanitz PDF
The generic, specific and lower category names of the nearctic butterflies. Part 2 - The genus Colias Paddy McHenry PDF
A standard method for nounting whole adult lepidoptera on slides utilizing polystyrene plastic Charles L. Hogue PDF
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