Volume 1 (2)
January 1963



Date of publication: January 1963

Composition and relative abundance in a temperate zone butterfly fauna Thomas C. Emmel and John F. Emmel PDF
The Argynnis populations of the Sand Creek area, Klamath Co., Oregon, Part I J. W. Tilden PDF
Caterpillar versus dinosaur? Theodore H. Eaton, Jr. PDF
Geographical distribution and variation of the Genus Argynnis. I. Introduction. II. Argynnis idalia William Hovanitz PDF
The relation of Pieris virginiensis Edw. to Pieris napi L.: species formation in Pieris? William Hovanitz PDF
The male genitalia of some Colias species Bjorn Petersen PDF
The effect of hybridization of host-plant strains on growth rate and mortality of Pieris rapae William Hovanitz and Vincent C. S. Chang PDF
Notice. Editorial   PDF
Change of food plant preference by larvae of Pieris rapae controlled by strain selection, and the inheritance of this trait William Hovanitz and Vincent C. S. Chang PDF
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