Volume 1 (1)
August 1962
COVER:.Paralell color variation in some California nymphalids. Column 1, E. chalcedona. Column 2, E. editha. Column 3, C. leanira. Column 4, C. palla. Column 5, C. hoffmanni. Details in Ecology 22: 259-284, 1941.



Date of publication: August 1962

Editorial   PDF
Variation in the silvering of Argynnis (Speyeria) callipe in the interior mountain area of south central California Oscar Elton Sette PDF
The effect of various food plants on survival and growth rate of Pieris William Hovanitz and Vincent C. S. Chang PDF
General characteristics of the movements of Vanessa cardui (L.) J. W. Tilden PDF
Three factors affecting larval choice of food plant William Hovanitz and Vincent C. S. Chang PDF
The generic, specific and lower category names of the Nearctic butterflies. Part 1 - The genus Pieris Paddy McHenry PDF
The distribution of the species in the genus Pieris in North America William Hovanitz PDF
Did the caterpillar exterminate the giant reptile? S. E. Flanders PDF
Further evidence of the distribution of some boreal Lepidoptera in the Sierra Nevada Clyde Erikson PDF
Argynnis and Speyeria William Hovanitz PDF
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