PD Dr. Josef Settele

Curriculum Vitae

PD Dr. Josef Settele, born in 1961, is employed since 1993 as senior scientist at the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ. He did his Masters in Agricultural Biology and his PhD in Agriculture (PhD Thesis on ecological impacts of agricultural intensification of Phillippine Rice Terraces). Since 1993 he coordinated several national and international biodiversity and ecosystem related research projects:

  • 1993-1996: Scientific co-ordinator of and researcher within large interdisciplinary conservation biological research projects (e.g. FIFB = Species survival in fragmented landscapes). Focus on integration of nature conservation and agriculture.
  • 2000-2001: Scientific Co-ordinator of a national research project on sustainable land use for conservation of endangered species in the Central European Cultural landscape (“MOSAIK”). • 2002-2006: Head and scientific co-ordinator of the EC FP5 RTD Project MacMan („Maculinea Butterflies of the Habitats Directive and European Red List as Indicators and Tools for Habitat Conservation and Management”); ca. 100 scientists of ca. 40 partner organisations from 18 countries.
  • 2004-2009: Head and scientific co-ordinator of the EC FP6 Integrated Project ALARM (“Assessment of LArge scale environmental Risks for biodiversity with tested Methods”; duration: until 31. March 2009); ca. 250 scientists of 68 partner organisations from 35 countries (www.alarmproject.net); • 2006-2008: Deputy co-ordinator of the EC FP6 Policy support project MACIS “Policy options to minimise negative effects of climate change on biodiversity”
  • 2009-2012: EU-FP6 BiodivERsA Project CLIMIT (“CLimate change impacts on Insects and their MITigation”); ca. 70 scientists of 20 partner organisations from ca. 10 countries;
  • 2011-2016: BMBF-Project LEGATO (“Land-use intensity and Ecological EnGineering – Assessment Tools for risks and Opportunities”) (under negotiation); ca. 80 scientists of ca. 20 partner organisations from 6 countries.

From 1993 until 2001 he was Deputy Head of Department of Conservation Biology at the UFZ – Centre for Environmental Research Leipzig-Halle and since 2001 he is Deputy Head of Department of Community Ecology and Head of the Animal Ecology section at the Helmholtz-Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ.

He habilitated in 1997 at the University of Hohenheim in Landscape and Agricultural Ecology (Thesis: „Metapopulation analysis based on grid square data“). Since November 2002 he is “Privatdozent” for General Ecology at the Martin-Luther-University of Halle-Wittenberg.

PD Dr. Josef Settele authored ca. 300 scientific publications, incl. more than 10 books and around 80 ISI-listed papers (8 of these in Science und Nature).

Halle, 13th September 2010


Statistics overview (September 2010)
Publications (with own authorship):  
ISI listed publications: 80 (incl. accepted ones) (thereof publ in Nature or Science 8)
Author and/or editor of books: 23
Further publications ca. 200
Citations in ISI listed journals: ca. 900
H-Index: 13
PhD students (co-)supervised: 13

Referee activities: Referee for >20 internat. peer reviewed journals (incl. Science) and around 10 grant giving agencies

Member of the Editorial Boards:

Major Academic Services and Distinctions:

Publications of the research group (since 2001, internationally peer reviewed, ISI listed): ca. 100 publications in Agric Ecosys Environm, Agric Forest Entomol, Bas Appl Ecol, Biodiv Conserv, Biol Cons, Biol Invas, Biol Reviews, Bioscience, Cons Biol, Cons Genetics, Ecography, Ecology, Ecol Compl, Ecol Econ, Ecol Entomol, Ecol Lett, Ecol Modell, Ecol Mon, Ecol Res, Env Mod Softw, Env Mon Assess, Ent Fenn, Eur J Entomol, Evol Ecol Res, Gaia, Hydrobiologia, G Ecol Biogeogr, Int J Pest Manage, Int Relat, J Apicult Res, J Ecol, J Insect Cons, J Insect Behavior, Landsc Ecol, Mol Ecol, Mol Ecol Notes, Nature, Oecologia, Oikos, Planta, Plant Ecol, Pop Ecol, Science, TREE (Trends in Ecol Evol).

Third-Party funding: Co-ordinator of three EU research projects: MacMan (5th framework = FP5), and ALARM (FP 6); Co-ordinator of Biodversa project CLIMIT; Co-ordinator of BMBF project LEGATO (under negotiation); Deputy co-ordinator of EU project MACIS (FP 6) and STEP (FP 7); Partner in MOSAIK, EuMon, RUBICODE, COCONUT, SINAS, PRONAS, SCALES; with University of Halle being partner of ALARM, CLIMIT and LEGATO (R Moritz).

Statistics Successful proposals and thus projects 13
  Total value of all projects co-ordinated by me: > 35 Mio. Euro
  Total amount of own project shares: > 4 Mio. Euro