The Lepidoptera Research Foundation was established in 1962 to encourage scholastic research on butterflies and moths.  The initial objective was publishing The Journal of Research on the Lepidoptera - JRL. If you wish to submit a manuscript, please consult our Instructions to authors. Our concerns have since grown to provide broad outreach by recognizing Lepidoptera as excellent models of keystone and charismatic species for biological research, especially in conserving habitats. Habitats, once destroyed, can never be completely restored.

We developed an exhibition melding art and Lepidoptera conservation. The effort is with Fundacion Mariposas Argentina and involved contributions from leading contemporary artists with butterfly and moth exhibits that emphasized conservation issues as well as subtle education of biological principles. It was presented at Fundación Alon para las artes. We believe works as this make our field widely accessible and reveal the Lepidoptera as significant organisms. See a short video HERE




Cover photograph: Myelobia nicaraguensis Landry & Maes, 2015 (Holotype). ©Philippe Wagneur / Musèum Geneve 2015. See article here.